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Our motto ‘Diversity with wings’ brings together several elements that intermingle in a symbolic synergy about the biodiversity of Colombia: the country with the largest diversity of birds in the world, second in diversity of butterflies, and third in reptiles. This diversity is the result of evolution, and allows us to value the range of

species on Earth.

Wings are the features that make flight possible in birds and butterflies, and which mechanisms were also present in extinct reptiles. Wings imply motion, propulsion, the crossing of geographic barriers, colonization of new areas. They inspired our Nobel Prize in Literature Gabriel García Márquez via his unforgettable yellow butterflies, and those that on our minds make us dream and fly.

Plaza mayor de Villa de Leyva

The first venue of the North

The Latin American Congress of Vertebrate Paleontology CLVP is the most important event in Latin America that gathers some of the most renowned and active specialists in vertebrates in the continent. During its 5 previous versions it has been hosted by Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay, but this is the first time that the meeting will be held in the northern part of South America.

Meeting Venue

Durante la V versión del CLPV se postuló Colombia como la sede del VI CONGRESO, siendo elegida principalmente por su riqueza fósil, exquisitos paisajes y atractivos turísticos. Colombia es uno dDuring the V CLPV, Colombia was nominated as the venue for the upcoming VI

Congress, principally due to its paleontological richness, exuberant landscapes, and touristic attractiveness. Colombia is one of the most mega-diverse countries in the world, with one of the highest richness of vertebrates today. 

This modern biodiversity is also followed by its richness of extinct vertebrate species, with Villa de Leyva being a hotspot for marine fishes and reptiles.

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